For family + wedding photographers

Are you figuring things out as you go along, unsure of what to focus on next? Would you like help formulating a clear, achievable, personalised strategy to move your business forward, strengthen your brand and attract your ideal clients?

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • You feel a bit lost in a sea of other photographers and want to feel confident standing out with your own unique brand instead of blending in and competing on price 
  • You'd love more ideal clients but you're not sure where to find them or how to attract them
  • Working on your own in the early days of your business, you feel like you’re figuring things out as you go along, and worry you’re not doing things ‘right’
  • You've realised that being a photographer also means being an administrator, retoucher, blogger, marketer, customer care manager, artist, product designer, technical geek, crowd controller and social media exec… and feel a bit overwhelmed
  • You'd love someone to help you formulate a clear plan what your priorities should be and what to tackle next, and hold you accountable for sticking to it
  • You’re an established photographer but would love to inject some fresh inspiration and/or look into focusing on other types of photography
  • You’ve spent months reading through mounds of useful but generic business/photography advice in Facebook posts, blogs and online resources (and have used them to create a MASSIVE 'to do list'!) but would really appreciate advice and support tailored specifically to you and your current circumstances

Here's where I come in!

When I first set up my photography business 11 years ago, I felt all of the above on pretty much a daily basis for several years! But after years of trial and error, a lot of hard graft, loads of education, plenty of mistakes and a lot of lessons learned the hard way, I’m finally at a place where I’m confident in my own unique style, have a strong, recognisable brand, operate an efficient workflow, have loyal and enthusiastic supporters both within and outside the industry, attract and work with my ideal clients, and make a decent living doing what I love. I’ve learned over time that there is no ‘one size fits all’ plan for running a photography business, that it’s all about taking time to look at YOURSELF rather than everyone else, and that the key is to then use this as the basis for formulating and developing clear and consistent planning, branding and strategy.  

How I can help you

One-to-one mentoring is an opportunity to have an objective third party, who understands your industry, look at your business with you, help you to identify where you might best focus your attention, and provide tailored support specifically for you, your business and your aspirations for the future. I don’t know everything there is to know about running a successful photography business, I can’t offer you a definitive answer to every question and I can’t offer you a recipe for sure-fire success. I’m still learning all the time myself and still make plenty of mistakes. But after running my own successful photography business for over ten years, and successfully transitioning from wedding photographer to family photographer, I’ve learned a lot of lessons: things that worked… things that didn’t… things that worked only if approached in the right way… things that cost a lot more than they’re worth… things that cost nothing but were worth their weight in gold… things it was easy to do myself… things best left to other experts… things that were a waste of time… things that saved me time… What I can offer you is honesty, support, experience, a friendly face, someone who wants to listen to your story, goals and passions and a willingness to share with you anything and everything I’ve learned and found useful during my time as a photographer….  

What we can cover

  • Branding 
  • Website review 
  • Finding good light and compositions 
  • Marketing 
  • Portfolio review 
  • Attracting your ideal client 
  • The nitty gritty of shooting a wedding/family – what to expect and how to prepare 
  • Pricing 
  • Digital workflow, post-production, culling and editing 
  • Blogging 
  • Photographic equipment & technical skills 
  • Expectations of wedding/family clients and how to meet and manage them 
  • Copywriting 
  • Social media 
  • Office organisation and admin 
  • Advertising 
  • Getting featured on industry blogs 
  • Products and packaging 
  • Client care, relationships and experience 
  • Posing subjects and putting them at ease 
  • Networking 
  • Developing creativity 
  • Guided shoot (we shoot together and I talk you through my approach – only for full day face-to-face sessions)  


“Building my brand and business as a family AND wedding photographer, I was struggling to merge the two and keep afloat of both. The mentoring was amaaazing!!! Within just 2 months of having your session, changing just the smallest of things on my website and how I approach/respond to clients has literally made the world of difference. You were so so helpful and all the info you provided was beyond anything I could find on the internet! I honestly can’t thank you enough. Since the mentoring I’ve been inundated with awesome family enquiries and I’m 100% sure it’s because of all the little (huge) snippets of advice you gave me. I have taken on more family work in my area already this year than I did in total for last year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” (Charlotte Rawles Photography)  


“Anna was a breath of fresh air for me having come from a corporate background. She was so friendly, welcoming and open. I have to honestly say the day I spent with Anna was the best investment I’ve ever made and I feel I took a massive leap forwards. She has such an instinct and I welcomed the fact she was so honest and brutal in the right way. An amazing lady. Since the mentoring, my website and portfolio are much more consistent across the board and the advice on business and marketing was spot on. These two things alone have made such a difference to my business and the clients I now get. The honest review of my portfolio was so welcome and I’m so glad I followed her advice. If anyone is wondering whether to go with Anna as their mentor then do not hesitate. And you’ll get copious amounts of food and biscuits to boot ;)” (Paul Summerfield Photography)  


“I booked a mentoring day with Anna quite early on in my photography journey, as I was massively inspired by her style of photography and wanted to learn more about ‘posing’ subjects without really posing them, and getting the best out of the light. We spent the day at Anna’s house in Manchester (even my dog came along after a hiccup with my dog walker) and had a really good day talking in detail through all of my questions. Anna was patient, understanding and really took the time to understand what sort of photographer I wanted to be. I literally filled a notepad with inspiration and ideas from the session. Since my session with Anna I’ve had the confidence to increase my prices on family shoots, to say no to some clients who wanted something that just wasn’t my cup of tea and I’ve started photographing weddings, which I just wouldn’t have had the confidence to do previously! I’ve still got lots to learn but Anna helped me feel that I was good enough and would continue to learn with every completed photo shoot.” (Hannah Brooke)


I’m Anna, a family photographer and mentor living in sunny Manchester, proud mum to hilarious teen chatterbox Joe and loopy 4 year old Huey. My images are inspired by my love of people, their character and their stories, and I specialise in honest, creative documentary family photography that celebrates real life, spirit, emotion and individuality. 

Over the last decade I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building a successful and respected photography business, first with weddings, then later with families. As a past secondary school teacher, I’m hugely passionate about education and supporting others, and for several years now I’ve regularly run family photography workshops (The Roost) and mentoring sessions for other photographers, helping them to develop and grow their own family and wedding photography businesses, as well as guest speaking at photography events, colleges and universities.  

Today I’m lucky enough to work with amazing families and photographers from all over the UK and overseas, and I also love to share helpful tips and resources via my mailing list and Facebook group for photographers – creating and building supportive communities is hugely important to me as I know so many of us work alone and that freelance photography can sometimes be a lonely place!  


4 MONTH SKYPE MENTORING PROGRAM (£1995) Ideal for those who want continued focused support for their photography business, developing an unlimited range of areas over the coming months. - Weekday Skype mentoring spread evenly over a 4 month period - 2 hour initial session, then 11 x 1 hour sessions (12 sessions in total) - 3 sessions per month: each month - 3 weeks 'on', then 1 week 'off' to catch up on implementation - Notes + tasks from each session - Email support between sessions and for 1 month afterwards - £1995 paid in full (saving £305), or 4 monthly payments of £575 - 10% discount on additional Laser-Focused Intensive Skype sessions  

FACE-TO-FACE FULL DAY MENTORING (£695) Ideal for those who want to spend an intensive full day, chatting face-to-face, taking an in-depth look at a wide range of areas. A guided shoot can be included in the full day mentoring, for those who would also like practical, hands-on support with posing and shooting. - Weekday 6 hour session conducted in my home in Manchester, with drinks, snacks and a working lunch included (10.00-16.00) - 6 key areas covered, or 5 key areas plus a guided shoot - Notes + tasks from session - Email support for 2 weeks afterwards - 10% discount on additional Laser-Focused Intensive Skype sessions  

LASER-FOCUSED INTENSIVE SKYPE MENTORING (£350 per 2 hour session) Ideal for those who have fewer specific areas they want to focus on, or who prefer to structure their mentoring in smaller, bite-size units. - Weekday 2 hour session conducted via Skype - 1-2 key areas covered per session plus optional website and/or portfolio review included - Notes + tasks from session - Email support for 1 week afterwards

15 MINUTE 'STRATEGY' CALL (FREE OF CHARGE) It's so important that we both feel comfortable working together and that we know that you investing in my mentoring will be useful to you and at the right time for you. If you're unsure about whether or not you'd like to book on, and/or whether we'd be a good fit for each other, please feel free to schedule a free 15 minute call where we can have a quick chinwag via phone/Skype, find out about your current circumstances and needs, I can suggest what strategy I think would work best for your business and we can both discover whether we feel I'm able to help you :)